Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A short update

Having a ball planning the wedding. It's fairly time consuming though. I'm just enjoying the ride. The plans are almost all complete. Implementing those plans will be another interesting bit on its own, but without plans where would we be? I'm torn between leaving this blog just focused on crafting (as was the original intention) or expanding it to cover my entire life. I'm just not sure. I'll figure that out another day.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year of possibility

What a crazy ride it's been! I finished the order for the casino and got them in the gift shop. I sold a few more pieces to co-workers and then life got absolutely nuts for awhile. Which is basically an excuse.

I started putting off beading and furthering my craft in favor of other things. Things that didn't improve or enrich my life that much, but definitely were fun at the time and amazing time sucks. I don't regret doing them, but I wish I had gotten more crafting done as well. There is no use wishing for a better yesterday though. It is a new year and a new day and time for another new leaf.

My long time love proposed on November 23rd and we are getting married in July! I couldn't be happier. I rearranged the house a bit and found a great place for the craft table in a spot that feels perfect for it. I even beaded a little this weekend.

I have to renew my tradename by March 1st and I have to go annoy the Department of Revenue agent that hides in the DMV and find out why my sales tax license is still MIA.

I have lots of ideas to try out in the coming months and I will post some of the pics here. Maybe one day I'll even have people following this blog that will see them! *grins* All in good time, no?